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Airfix A55114 Mary Rose Starter Gift Set

Probably the most famous warship ever, HMS Victory is still to be seen in Portsmouth Dockyard. This great miniature model is a fun way to start modelling.

Airfix Starter Sets are ideal for beginners.  Each Small Starter Set includes glue, brush and four acrylic paints – all that is needed to complete a fabulous first kit!


Airfix A55104 HMS Victory

Finished Length 145mm. Probably the most famous warship ever, HMS Victory is still to be seen in Portsmouth Dockyard. This great miniature model is a fun way to start modelling.

Starter set includes 4 paints, brush & glue!


Airfix A50132 HMS Daring Gift Set

1:350 Scale. Skill: 3. Number of parts 202.

Britain's six Type 45 'Daring Class' destroyers are the most advanced escorts the nation has ever built. They are designed to shield a naval task force from air attack by using the Sea Viper missile system. Their Aster missiles can knock targets out of the sky over 70 miles away if required. The Type 45 destroyers are also capable of a range of other roles and will spend their commissions switching between them, often at short notice.

Paint Scheme - HMS Daring: Type 45 Destroyer

Gift Set includes:

8 x Acrylic Paints

2 x Brushes

2 x Poly Cement

1 x Twelve Page Booklet


Airfix A50089A Aston Martin DBS Starter Set

The luxury Aston Martin DB5 was first released in 1963, and reached true iconic status when it featured as James Bond's car in the 1964 film Goldfinger. The DB5 had a new tail design, offering improved aerodynamics.  Options included power steering (on Mk1 cars), air conditioning, automatic transmission, limited slip differential and a 325bhp Vantage.

This Airfix Starter Set is ideal for beginners or as a gift, containing everything that you need to build the kit.  


Airfix A50059 HMS Illustrious Gift Set

1:350 Scale. Skill: 2. Number of parts 276. Finished size L603.5 x W104.5mm

The current HMS Illustrious was laid down on the 7th October 1976 at the Swan Hunters Ship Builders Yard on the Tyne. She participated in most major UK and NATO campaigns over the last 15 years; including the First Gulf War, the Sierra Leon Evacuations and the war in Afghanistan in 2001. After this period of hectic activity, in October 2002, HMS Illustrious undertook a 104 week refit in Rosyth Dockyard, Scotland at a total cost of £118 million.

Paint Scheme - HMS Illustrious

Gift Set includes:

15 x Acrylic Paints

2 x Brushes

1 x Poly Cement

1 x Eight Page Booklet


Airfix A50049 HMS Victory Gift Set

1:180 Scale. Skill: 3. Number of parts 353. Finished size L383 x W88mm.

HMS Victory is the only surviving warship that fought in the American War of Independence, the French Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars. In the latter she served as Lord Nelson's flagship at the decisive Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, which she carried over 100 guns. Her career began some 40 years earlier. Ordered by the Navy Board on 6th June 1759 during the Seven Years War she was completed on 7th May 1765.

Paint Scheme - HMS Victory

Gift Set incudes:-

•8 x Acrylic Paints

•2 x Brushes

•2 x Poly Cement


Airfix A14201 HMS Illustrious

HMS Illustrious (R06) is the second of three Invincible-class light aircraft carriers built for the Royal Navy in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She is the fifth warship and second aircraft carrier to be called Illustrious, and is affectionately known as Lusty to her crew. She just missed the Falklands Conflict, but was deployed to Iraq and Bosnia in the 1990s and to Sierra Leone in 2000. A massive re-fit in 2002 meant that she missed the Iraq War, but she was finished in time to assist British Citizens trapped by the war in Lebanon.