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Scalextric C1433 Scalextric Police Chase Set

Be the good guys in the police BMW 330i, or the criminals on the run in the amazing red Chevrolet Corvette C8R. With the BMW having flashing lights and a siren, and the Corvette having the pace to get away this is a great set to chase around your front room, be it sliding round the bends or flying over the jump this is sure to be exciting! This set contains everything you need to race Scalextric, including two cars, power, over 5.3 metres of track including a crossover, jump and side swipe, 2 easy speed limiting hand controllers.


Scalextric C1432 Scalextric 1980s Grand Prix Race Set

Two iconic Lotus Formula One cars of the 1980's go head-to-head in this fantastic retro set from Scalextric! The sleek black Lotus 98T of the world-famous Ayrton Senna goes head-to-head with his amazing yellow 99T.

This set includes two Lotus F1 cars, over 5.3 metres of track, Flyover, a lap counter, 2 easy speed limiting hand controllers and crash barriers.


Scalextric C1431 Scalextric 1980s TV - Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Race Set

Two of the most iconic film cars ever go head-to-head in this brand new set - will you be Michael Knight in K.I.T.T.? Or Doc or Marty McFly in the Back to the Future Time Machine? Whether you are doing 88MPH or chasing down bad guys, red LED lights flashing on either car is a guaranteed winner on the big screen, small screen or Scalextric track!

This set contains everything you need to race Scalextric, including two cars, power, over 5.3 metres of track including a crossover, side swipe and 2 easy speed limiting hand controllers.


Scalextric C1423 Spark Plug - Formula E Race Set

The Scalextric Spark Plug Formula E set can have up to 14 players - 2 drivers and a team of 6 additional pit crew. The pit crew can deploy power ups and are assigned an in-app pit crew position, including chief mechanic and lollipop. These players must effectively complete mini games as a team to successfully complete the pit crew challenge!

This set contains: 2 x cars, Track, 2 x dongles, Power supply and accessories.

Space Required: 198x145cm. Track Length: 497cm

RRP £179.99


Scalextric C1422 Street Cruisers Race Set

The Scalextric Rasio takes on the elegant Pagani Huayra Roadster BC in this Street Cruisers race set. This set features everything you need to start your racing career, including: 2 easy speed limiting hand controllers, 2 crash resistant cars and over 4.8 meters of track which creates 4 track layouts.

Space Required: 191x132cm.

RRP £109.99


Scalextric C1421 Drift 360 Race Set

Race two Ford Mustang GT4 cars around a figure of eight track in this Drift 360 race set. Take on your opponent in a full-on, door bashing, side-by-side duel but watch out at the crossroads where you can make a 180 or 360 turn to confuse your adversary and impress the spectators by drifting into the bend and power sliding out!.


Scalextric C1412 Ginetta Racers Set

These sleek Ginetta Prototype cars are true thoroughbred racers. With four different track layouts and two cars included, hours of fun, adrenaline and rivalry awaits here!


Scalextric Digital Fitting Scalextric Digital Fitting