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DIGITAL is the newest form of slot racing; Up to 6 cars can race at the same time, and can change lanes to overtake and block other cars.

Classic or Sport Track can be used, and cars carry a digital 'chip' that is controlled by a new type power base and controllers. Conversion Microprocessors are available for all ANALOGUE cars, which require a solder installation. This enables all older slot cars to become DIGITAL cars. Some newer Scalextric cars are 'DPR ready', and a DPR Digital Microprocessor can simply be plugged in to enable it to become DIGITAL. We stock all the conversion Microprocessors and also offer an installation service. The picture below shows a TVR Speed 12 with lights we converted.


What is Scalextric Digital?

Racing with Digital Scalextric allows 1 – 6 people to race at the same time.

Cars can change lanes, and multiple cars can run on the same lane, allowing overtaking and blocking.

Can I use my old cars and track?


Nearly all older cars can be converted to Digital with conversion chips. Current ‘Sport’ and older ‘Classic’ track can be used, only a different powerbase and controllers must be used. Non-Digital powerbases cannot be used with Digital. Analogue Lap Counters are also not suitable to work with Digital due to the lane changing abilities of the cars.

What is the best way to upgrade to Digital?

Scalextric have Digital conversion packs available, however, we recommend buying a Digital Set. Even if you have a Scalextric set already, a Digital set will contain at least 2 ready to race cars, and extra track to add to your existing circuit. Already have older track? We sell converter track for using old and new track together.

How do I convert analogue cars to Digital?

Cars that have been released recently are often ‘Digital Plug Ready’. This means all that is needed is a Scalextric ‘Digital Plug’, that can be quickly screwed in, underneath the car.

Older cars that are not ‘DPR’, require a Scalextric ‘Conversion Chip’. These need to be soldered into the car. We offer a Digital chip fitting service.

What are the advantages of Digital?

    Multiple people can race at the same time

    Overtaking and blocking


    Pit Lanes

    1 - 4 Lanes

    Automated pace cars

Scalextric Digital Fitting Scalextric Digital Fitting