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Scenecraft 42-0502 Police Box

Measurements: 19mm (H) x 10mm (W) x 10mm (L)


Scenecraft 42-0013 Post War System-Built Station

Platform Book Stand 28.5mm (H) x 104mm (W) x 42mm (L)


Scenecraft 42-0012 Platform Book Stand

Platform Book Stand 21mm (H) x 11.5mm (W) x 19mm (L)


Scenecraft 42-593 Concrete Bus Shelter

Measurements: 18mm (H) x 13mm (W) x 28mm (L).


Scenecraft 42-580 Dry Stone Walling and Gates

Pack contains 2 wall pieces, 2 wall pieces with stiles, 2 large gates and 2 small gates.


Scenecraft 42-515 Greenhouse (x2)

Measurements: 15mm (H) x 17mm (W) x 13.5mm (D).


Scenecraft 42-495 Sleeper Built Fencing (x4)

Measurements: 45mm (W) x 12.5mm (L) x 3.5mm.


Scenecraft 42-282 Low Relief Jo's Jewellery

Measurements: (H) 59mm (W) x 41.5mm (L) x 13.5mm.


Scenecraft 42-275 Low Relief Model Shop

Measurements: 18mm (W) x 56.5mm (L) x 54mm.


Scenecraft 42-267 Low Relief Corner Pub

Measurements: (H) 56mm (W) x 35.5mm (L) x 11.5mm.


Scenecraft 42-266 Low Relief 'The Cod Father' Fish & Chip Shop


Scenecraft 42-260 Low Relief Local Garage

Measurements: 48mm (W) x 11mm (L) x 75mm (H).


Scenecraft 42-243 Low Relief Lyons Corner House


Scenecraft 42-242 Low Relief Gentleman's Outfitters


Scenecraft 42-202 Low Relief Front Terraced Houses


Scenecraft 42-195 Grounded Carriage


Scenecraft 42-111 Coal Staithes


Scenecraft 42-076Z Aidensfield Garage

Measurements: 65mm (W) x 40mm (L) x 38mm (H)


Scenecraft 42-064Z Kent Coast Signal Box

Measurements: 105mm (W) x 53mm (L) x 50mm (H)


Scenecraft 42-062Y Helston Engine Shed

Measurements: 96mm (W) x 47mm (L) x 57mm (H)


Scenecraft 42-0022 Corrugated Goods Shed

Measurements: 61mm (W) x 41mm (L) x 49mm (H)


Scenecraft 42-0014 Post War Platform Shelter

Measurements: 49mm (W) x 11mm (L) x 18mm (H)


Scenecraft 379-330 1960s/'70s Lineside Workers


Scenecraft 379-329 1960s/'70s Tradesmen


Scenecraft 379-328 1960s/'70s Urban Workers


Scenecraft 379-326 1940s/'50s Livestock Farming Figures


Scenecraft 379-324 1940s/'50s Arable Farming Figures


Scenecraft 379-323 Modern Farming Figures


Scenecraft 379-320 1950s Train Crew


Scenecraft 379-319 Suburban Street Scene


Scenecraft 379-318 1960s/'70s Station Staff


Scenecraft 379-317 1940s/'50s Station Staff


Scenecraft 379-314 Trainspotters


Scenecraft 379-311 Traction Maintenance Depot Workers


Scenecraft 379-310 Permanent Way Workers


Scenecraft 379-309 Trackside Workers


Scenecraft 379-308 Building Site Details and Tools


Scenecraft 379-301 Police and Security Staff


Graham Farish 379-201 Ramps (x2)


Graham Farish 379-200 Platforms (x4)