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Oxford Rail / Golden Valley GV6015

PLA 7 Plank Open Wagon 3 pack.


Oxford Rail / Golden Valley GV6014

BP 7 Plank Open Wagon 3 pack.


Oxford Rail OR76WW010

Warwell Southern Railway - Revised Bed MS14176.


Oxford Rail OR76WW003

Warwell A British Steel Corp. DM748305 Diamond Bogies.


Oxford Rail OR76WW002

Warwell A Diamond Bogies BR Brown DM360331.


Oxford Rail OR76TOA001

Toad Brake Van - GWR 6 Wheel Planked (Early) Swindon.


Oxford Rail OR76MW7027 Mineral Wagon

7 Plank Wagon Milner Thomas and Co London No.1000.


Oxford Rail OR76MW7015B

3 pack BSC 7 plank open mineral wagon.


Oxford Rail OR76MW4003

4 Plank Private Owner Mineral Wagon

Wilsons & Clyde, Netherburn. No.B127


Oxford Rail OR76CAT003W

Cattle Wagon Lime Washed LNER 196152.


Oxford Rail OR76CAT003

Cattle Wagon LNER 196488.


Oxford Rail OR76CAT002B

Cattle Wagon - LNER E156266.


Oxford Rail OR76CAT002

Cattle Wagon, LNER (NE) Livery.