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Skaledale R9827 The Memorial


Skaledale R9826 Detached Brick Garage

50mm x 80mm x 55mm


Skaledale R9825 Railway Stores

Width: 68mm x Depth: 58mm.


Skaledale R9824 Station Office

Width: 162mm x Depth: 64mm.


Skaledale R9823 Platform Subway

Length: 118.5mm x Width: 30.5mm x Height 42.2mm

Skaledale R9822 Steam Shed

Width: 172mm x Length: 366mm.


Skaledale R9821 Wayside Halt Building

Width: 134mm x Depth: 68mm.


Skaledale R9820 Diesel Fuel Tank

Width: 60mm x Depth: 27mm.


Skaledale R9819 High Brooms Platform Building

Width: 120mm x Depth: 77mm.


Skaledale R9818 High Brooms Station Building

Width: 252mm x Depth: 77mm.


Skaledale R9817 Raised Water Tank

Dimensions 122mm x 95mm x 65mm


Skaledale R9816 Wateringbury Signal Box

Dimensions 275mm x 70mm x 80mm.


 Skaledale R9814 Platform Signal Box

Width: 88.5mm x Depth: 47mm.


Skaledale R9815 Covered Loading Bay

Dimensions 275mm x 70mm x 80mm


Skaledale R9812 Triple Garage

Dimensions 95mm x 65mm x 48mm


Skaledale R9811 Shiplap Lean-To

107mm x 35mm x 60mm


Skaledale R9810 Corrugated Iron Workshop

Width: 170mm x Depth: 100mm.


Skaledale R9809 Garage Outbuilding

Width: 83mm x Depth: 63mm.


Skaledale R9808 Timber Store & Workshop

70mm x 82mm x 70mm


Skaledale R9807 Modern Bungalow

98mm x 102mm x 65mm


 Skaledale R9806 Railwaymans Arms

Width: 200mm x Depth: 89mm.


Skaledale R9804 Modern Semi Detatched House

Width: 131.5mm x Depth: 157mm.


Skaledale R9803 Tin House

172mm x 80mm x 74mm


Skaledale R9802 Modern Prefab

Dimensions 190 x 98 x 55mm


Skaledale R9801 Modern Terrace House

70mm x 98mm x 98mm


Skaledale R9800 Bus Shelter

44mm x 32mm.


Skaledale R9791 Crescent House

Width 101mm x Depth 121mm.


Skaledale R9790 Derelict Coaches

Pack of 2.

86mm x 34mm.


Skaledale R9788 Locomotive Shed Lean-to

139mm x 21mm.

use with locomotive shed R9780 or stand alone.


Skaledale R9787 Water Tower

74mm x 56mm.

£18.99. NOW £11.99

Skaledale R9786 Small Signal Box

Width 50mm x Depth 38mm.


Skaledale R9785 Crossing Hut

38mm x 29mm.


Skaledale R9784 Butterley Extension Building

Width 152mm x Depth 41mm.


Skaledale R9783 Lineside Lamp Huts

Pack of 2.

Width 21mm x Depth 27mm.

Width 18mm x Depth 21mm.


Skaledale R9782 Utility Lamp Huts

Pack of 2 Huts.

24mm x 32mm.

12mm x 20mm.


Skaledale R9780 Locomotive Shed

Large 2 Road Engine Shed.

336mm x 170mm.


Also available R9788 Lean-to building

Skaledale R9779 Butterley Waiting Room

87mm x 67mm.


Skaledale R9777 Weybridge Office

116mm x 51mm.


Skaledale R9762 Holiday Coach Access Steps

Ideal for use with R4604 Camping Coach.

Width 166mm x Depth 49mm.


Skaledale R9735 NE Shelter & Store

North Eastern Railway Platform Shelter & Store

Shelter 71mm x 29mm

Store 74mm x 59mm


Skaledale R9730 Disused Signal Box

84mm x 42mm

Was £16.49 OUR PRICE £10.99

Skaledale R9726 LMS Water Tower

115mm x 70mm


Skaledale R9725 LMS Signal Box

Large LMS Style signal box.

Width 120mm x Depth 50mm


Skaledale R9660 3 Arch Viaduct

Low Relief.

Width 330mm x Depth 31mm


Skaledale R9651 Wind Turbine

Width 3mm x Depth 51.5mm.


Skaledale R9638 Waiting Room

Great Northern Skale Regis Station Waiting Room.

Width 108mm x Depth 68mm.

RRP £12.83 OUR PRICE £11.00

Skaledale R9637 Single Engine Shed

Great Northern Skale Regis Single Engine Shed.

RRP £34.99 OUR PRICE £29.99

Skaledale R9633 Station Building

Great Northern Skale Regis Station Building.

Width 190mm x Depth 95mm.


Skaledale R9533 Magna Goods Shed

RRP £35.99 OUR PRICE £29.99

Skaledale R9531 Magna Waiting Room

Width 65mm x Depth 75mm

RRP £16.04 OUR PRICE £13.40

Skaledale R9503 Magna Water Tower

RRP £10.99 OUR PRICE £9.75

Skaledale R9502 Magna Small Waiting Room

Width 55mm x Depth 95mm.

RRP £12.99 OUR PRICE £11.80

Skaledale R8993 Water Works

Water Cleansing Tank

Width 100mm x Depth 111mm

RRP £12.83 OUR PRICE £8.99

Skaledale R8991 Water Works

Main Building

Width 125mm x Depth 77mm

RRP £21.39 OUR PRICE £17.99

Skaledale R8763 Letter Box

Pack of 2.


Skaledale R8762 Litter Bins

Pack of 3 Litter Bins.


Skaledale R8719 Waiting Room

Lower Skaledale Waiting Room.

Width 100mm Depth 55mm.


Skaledale R8679 Bicycles

Pack of 2.


Skaledale R8673 Platform Lamps

Pack of 4 - Non-operational.

S.R.P £8.99 Our Price £7.45

Skaledale R8622 Terraced House RH

Width 60mm x Depth 94mm

Please Call

Skaledale R8621 Terraced House LH

Width 60mm x Depth 94mm

Please Call

Skaledale R8615 Platform Ramps

Pack of 2.

Out of Stock

Skaledale R8611 Viaduct Side Walls

RRP £8.75 OUR PRICE £7.55

Skaledale R8606 Canal Bridge Ramps

Pack of 2.


Skaledale R8604 Platform Steps Pack

RRP £12.84 OUR PRICE £10.50

Skaledale R8603 Coal Staithes

Width 80mm x Depth 34mm.

RRP £8.50 Our Price £7.40

Skaledale R8587 Coal Stage


Skaledale R8576 Garden Shed

Width 32mm x Depth 24mm.


Skaledale R8574 Gravestones

Pack of 9.


Skaledale R8545 Brick Tunnel Portal Side Walling

Pack of 4 Side buttresses suitable for both the single and double brick tunnel portals.


Skaledale R8544 Stone Tunnel Portal Side Walling

Pack of 4 Side buttresses suitable for both the single and double stone tunnel portals.


Skaledale R8510 Single Track Brick Tunnel Portal

2 x Single Track Brick Tunnel Portals - Width 160mm x Depth 105mm



We stock a large selection of both new and pre-owned Hornby Skaledale Items, to help bring your layout to life!

We don't keep them all listed on the site here, so if you are looking for something, either current or discontinued, please give us a call or email.

We offer a 10% discount on pre-order items - that is new items ordered in advance of their release, or items that we do not have in stock but are available from Hornby.

Items are in descending numerical order.