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Due to current London Corona Virus measures, the shop showroom is closed. We will process call and collect where possible. We are not taking in any items for servicing or digital installation until the end of January. Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to all our friends and customers!

…no car too big or too small…

Below is a guide to digital conversion prices and some of the cars each category would typically cover.

Prices vary depending on the car to be done, and the time conversion will take, so if you are interested in having a car converted, contact us and we can give you a specific quote.

Prices include Digital Chip, supplied and fitted.

Digital Conversions

Standard installation - £23.49

Little or no car modification, no chip modification.

Non-standard installation - £28.49

Minor car modification (interior filed to make space), minor chip modification (wiring extended, chip filed to fit etc.).

Custom installation - £33.49

Car interior extensively modified (driver also often trimmed), chip and wiring custom fitted.

Example of a completed custom installation; Scalextric P34 Tyrell.

Normally the digital conversion will be completely invisible, but in the case of the very small single seater vintage race cars, the Digital chip wiring may be partially visable between the drivers legs, but the driver will remain!