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The shop showroom is currently closed due to the Corona Virus government measures, but we are running a mail order service. Our normal phone line is available 3pm - 6pm Tuesday - Friday. Please use the 'Contact us' email form for advice or queries.

Due to the current government health restrictions, the shop itself is closed.

However we are now running a mail order service, and can arrange collection for ordered items.

Hornby R6934 Tank Wagon

LWB Box Van, Coca-Cola®.


Hornby R6933 Tank Wagon

Tank Wagon, Coca Cola®.


Hornby R6928 Ballast Wagons

MHA ‘Coalfish’ Ballast wagon, Three Pack, EWS.


Hornby R6927 KFA Intermodal Wagon

Tiphook, KFA Container Wagon, 93324 with 20’ Maritime & 40’ Hyundai Containers.


Hornby R6926 KFA Intermodal Wagon

KFA Intermodal wagon (No Containers), Tiphook Rail.


Hornby R6924 Brake Van

BR, Dia.034 'Toad B' Brake Van, E140580.


Hornby R6922 Brake Van

BR, AA15 20T 'Toad' Goods Brake Van, W68530.


Hornby R6921 Brake Van

GWR, AA15 20T 'Toad' Goods Brake Van, 56705.


Hornby R6920 Brake Van

BR, 20T Brake Van (Weathered), B950884.


Hornby R6918 CCT Van

BR, Extra-Long CCT, E1251E.


Hornby R6917 Fish Van

BR, 12T Fish Van, E87314.


Hornby R6915A Brake Van

BR, 24T Diag. 1543 Goods Brake Van, 555032.


Hornby R6915 Brake Van

BR, 24T Diag. 1543 Goods Brake Van, 555040.


Hornby R6911A Brake Van

LSWR, 20T 'New Van' Goods Brake Van, 5359.


Hornby R6911 Brake Van

LSWR, 20T 'New Van' Goods Brake Van, 9646.


Hornby R6909A Brake Van

BR, D2068 20T Brake Van, M731792.


Hornby R6909 Brake Van

BR, D2068 20T Brake Van, M731456.


Hornby R6907A Brake Van

LMS, D1919 20T Brake Van, 730473.


Hornby R6907 Brake Van

LMS, D1919 20T Brake Van, 730176.


Hornby R6902 6 Plank Wagon

6 Plank Wagon, 'Cadbury Bournville' No. 83.


Hornby R6897 Breakdown Crane

BR, 75T Breakdown Crane, Departmental Yellow.


Hornby R6895 ZBA Wagon

ZGV 'Clam' Wagon, Departmental.


Hornby R6894 ZBA Wagon

ZBA 'Rudd' Wagon, Departmental.


Hornby R6885 Hopper Wagon 3 Pack

HEA Hopper Wagon, EWS three pack.


Hornby R6881 Breakdown Crane

Breakdown Crane.


Hornby R6880 Hopper Wagon

HEA Hopper Wagon, Hornby 2018.


Hornby R6878 Plank Wagon

Fathers Day Wagon


Hornby R6873 Plank Wagon

6 Plank Wagon, 'J.O Murgatroyd' No. 1043.


Hornby R6866 Plank Wagon

5 Plank Wagon, Lilleshall.


Hornby R6853 Hopper Wagon

BR Railfreight, HEA Hopper Wagon, 361188.


Hornby R6851 Brake Van

ZUA 'Shark' Ballast Plough Brake Van, EWS.


Hornby R6850 Container Wagon

KFA Container Wagon, Tiphook.


Hornby R6844 Hopper Wagon

21T Hopper Wagon, National Coal Board.


Hornby R6843 Hopper Wagon

21T Hopper Wagon, British Rail.


Hornby R6840A Cattle Wagon

BR, Dia. 1530 Cattle Wagon, S52347.


Hornby R6840 Cattle Wagon

Cattle Wagon, British Railways.


Hornby R6839 Cattle Wagon

British Railways (Ex SR) '53904' 10t Cattle Wagon.


Hornby R6828 3 x Hopper Wagons

MGR Hopper 3 pack.


Hornby R6827A Cattle Wagon

SR Dia 1530 Cattle Wagon '53768'.


Hornby R6826 Cattle Wagon

BR Dia 1529 Cattle Wagon 'B891313'.


Hornby R6823 GWR Brake Van

20t Toad Brake Van.


Hornby R6821A 20 Ton Wagon

LMS Dia 1729 20 Ton Coke Wagon 'Appleby Iron Co.' 1162


Hornby R6821 20 Ton Wagon

LMS Dia 1729 20 Ton Coke Wagon 'Appleby Iron Co.' 938


Hornby R6817 6 Plank Wagon

'J W Gadsden'


Hornby R6814 6 Plank Wagon

'Huntley and Palmers Ltd'


Hornby R6812 7 Plank Wagon

John Vipond.


Hornby R6808 Hopper Wagon

21t Hopper Wagon Coalite Fuels.


Hornby R6804 3 Plank Wagon

3 Plank Wagon, Field & Mackay.



Hornby R6798 20t Tank Wagon

Hornby 2017 20T Tanker.


Hornby R6788 Tank Wagon 3 Pack

20 Ton Tank Wagon, ICI - Three Wagon Pack.


Hornby R6783 20T Coke Hopper 3 Pack

Triple Pack of ex-LMS BR 20T Coke Hopper Wagons.

Running numbers: B448206/7/8


Hornby R6776 Conflat A

Conflat A and BR Container Wagon.


Hornby R6775 SR Vent Van

12T Vent Van. SR Brown. No.44811.


Hornby R6771 V Tank Wagon

V Tank Wagon 'Mineral Industries Ltd'


Hornby R6763 ZBA (Rudd)

Departmental ZBA No. DB 972328 'Mainline'.


Hornby R6758 7 Plank Open Wagon

No.3018 Arthur Wharton Ltd. Leeds


Hornby R6756 7 Plank Open Wagon

No.1292 Park Gate. Rotherham.


Hornby R6755 7 Plank Open Wagon

No.109 Gregory. Kentish Town.


Hornby R6754 6 Plank Open Wagon

'London Brick Company' No.988


Hornby R6752 6 Plank Open Wagon

Cory Brothers No. 3262


Hornby R6750 5 Plank Open Wagon

'Shap Tarred Granite' No.354


Hornby R6749 5 Plank Open Wagon

'Farndon' Rugby. No.18


Hornby R6748 5 Plank Open Wagon

'Foster Wilson' No.100


Hornby R6746 5 Plank Open Wagon

'Stephens & Co.' Kidwelly No.8


Hornby R6745 5 Plank Open Wagon

'N Hingley & Sons Ltd' No.14


Hornby R6744 5 Plank Open Wagon

'North Bitchburn Coal Co. Ltd.' No.35


Hornby R6743 5 Plank Open Wagon

'Westleigh Stone & Lime Co. Ltd.' No.45


Hornby R6742 3 Plank Open Wagon

JAs Turner & Son No. 44.


Hornby R6741 3 Plank Open Wagon

Morten & Storer No. 18.


Hornby R6731A LMS 20T Coke Hopper Wagon

Running number: 299958


Hornby R6731 LMS 20T Coke Hopper Wagon

Running number: 299957


Hornby R6725 21 Ton Hopper Wagon

BR Grey 'Iron Ore' No. E253564.


Hornby R6717 2015 Year Wagon

Conflat & Container Wagon.


Hornby R6712A BR Open Wagons

Pack of 3, 5 Plank open wagons, BR Brown.


Hornby R6710 20T Brake Van

ZTO BR 'Dutch' Livery.


Hornby R6704 7 Plank Open Wagon

Hickleton Main Colliery, Barnsley.


Hornby R6703 7 Plank Open Wagon

G.T. Parker & Sons, Boston.


Hornby R6701 5 Plank Open Wagon

Logan Sons & Co Ltd.


Hornby R6700 5 Plank Open Wagon

J. James & Co.


Hornby R6699 5 Plank Open Wagon

Arenig Granite Co. Ltd.


Hornby R6698 5 Plank Open Wagon

No.82 Derbyshire County Council.


Hornby R6696 5 Plank Open Wagon

Blairhall Colliery Coultness.


Hornby R6694 BR Toad Brake Van

No. W35392 Bodmin R.U.


Hornby R6670 4 Plank Open Wagon

'Stoneycombe' 4 Plank Wagon.


Hornby R6668 4 Plank Open Wagon

'Penwyllt Silica Works' 4 Plank Wagon.


Hornby R6667 4 Plank Open Wagon

E. Marsh - Cross Keys


Hornby R6666 5 Plank Open Wagon

English China Clays.


Hornby R6665 4 Plank Open Wagon

Brookes' Limited Halifax.


Hornby R6664 Coke Wagon

Cardiff Washed Coal


Hornby R6663 20T Tank Wagon

Victor Blagden & Co. Ltd.


Hornby R6661 5 Plank Open Wagon

J. Skinner No. 7.


Hornby R6659 Lime Wagon

'John Delaney' Lime Wagon.


Hornby R6657 4 Plank Open Wagon

J&C.H, No.263.


Hornby R6656 4 Plank Open Wagon

'Ellis & Everard' 4 Plank Wagon.


Hornby R6655 Coke Wagon

'British Insulated & Helsby Cables Ltd'


Hornby R6652 7 Plank Wagon

Lloyd & Co.


Hornby R6643C BR Shunters Truck

BR Shunters Truck "Hallen Marsh"


Hornby R6609 2012 Wagon

40th anniverary Hornby 'year' wagon.

Conflat with container.


Hornby R6501 2010 Wagon

Hornby 'year' wagon.

7 Plank Open.


Hornby R6458 2009 Wagon

Hornby 'year' wagon.

Lime Wagon.


Hornby R6425 Container Wagon

RailRoad Container Bogie Wagon with 2 x 30ft Containers.


Hornby R6423 Car Transporter

RailRoad Car Transporter Bogie Wagon, with 6 cars.

RRP £22.90