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All Bachmann Steam Locomotives are in descending numerical item order.

Bachmann 35-078 Class E4

Class E4 0-6-2 32500 BR Lined Black Late Crest.


Bachmann 35-077 Class E4

Class E4 0-6-2 32556 BR Black Early Emblem.


Bachmann 35-076A Class E4

Class E4 0-6-2 2517 Southern Green.


Bachmann 35-076 Class E4

Class E4 0-6-2 473 Southern Green.


Bachmann 35-075 Class E4

Class E4 0-6-2 579 LBSC Umber.


Bachmann 35-051 Webb Coal Tank

LNWR Webb Coal Tank 7841 LMS Black.


Bachmann 32-830A Ivatt 2MT

Ivatt Class 2MT LMS Black.


Bachmann 32-575A Ivatt 4MT

Ivatt Class 4MT 3000 LMS Black.


Bachmann 32-551DS Class A1

Class A1 60139 'Sea Eagle' BR Green Early Emblem


Bachmann 32-550B Class A1

Class A1 60163 'Tornado' BR Lined Green Early Emblem

S.R.P. £159.95


Bachmann 32-353 Class 4MT

BR Standard Class 4MT 80135 BR Green (Preserved)


Bachmann 32-281 K3 Class

K3 Class 61862 BR Lined Black Early Emblem.


Bachmann 32-279A K3 class

K3 Class 1304 LNER Lined Black with Group Standard Tender.


Bachmann 32-178A Crab Class

LMS Crab 13174 LMS Lined Black.


Bachmann 32-176 Crab Class

Crab 42765 BR Lined Black Early Emblem Welded Tender with Coal Rails


Bachmann 32-166 N Class

Southern N Class 1406 SR Black.


Bachmann 32-078 Class 56xx

Class 56XX Tank 5637 GWR Green.


Bachmann 31-980 Class 3MT Tank

BR Standard Class 3MT Tank 82020 BR Green Late Crest - Weathered.

RRP £139.95


Bachmann 31-933 Midland Compound

41157 BR Lined Black Late Crest.


Bachmann 31-932DC Midland Compound

Midland 4-4-0 Compound 40934 BR Black Early Emblem.


Bachmann 31-931 Midland Compound

1189 LMS Black.


Bachmann 31-921 H2 Class Atlantic

4-4-2 32424 ‘Beachy Head’ BR Black Early Emblem.


Bachmann 31-910 H2 Class Atlantic

H1 Class Atlantic 4-4-2 No 39 ‘La France’ LBSCR.


Bachmann 31-884 Class 4F

Midland Class 4F 44044 BR Late Crest - Weathered.


Bachmann 31-883 Class 4F

Midland Class 4F 3848 Midland Black Crest.


Bachmann 31-781 Hall Class

Class 6959 Modified Hall 7903 Foremarke Hall in BR lined black with early emblem and Hawksworth tender.


Bachmann 31-728 GWR 3700 Class

GWR 3700 Class 3708 'Killarney' Great Western Green.


Bachmann 31-692 Stanier Mogul

Stanier 2-6-0 Mogul BR Late Crest.


Bachmann 31-691 Stanier Mogul

Stanier 2-6-0 Mogul 42969 BR Lined Black Early Emblem.


Bachmann 31-690 Stanier Mogul

Stanier 2-6-0 Mogul No.2965 in Lined LMS Black.


Bachmann 31-628DC Class 3F

43620 BR Black Late Crest - Weathered.


Bachmann 31-627B Class 3F

Class 3F 3520 LMS Black Deeley Tender.


Bachmann 31-531 Class A2

BR Green 'Trimbush'.


Bachmann 31-528A Class A2

British Rail Green 'Pearl Diver'.


Bachmann 31-525 Class A2

'A H Peppercorn' 525 LNER Apple Green Single Chimney.


Bachmann 31-476A G2A

Heavy Goods 0-8-0 BR Black Early Emblem


Bachmann 31-465 C Class

C Class 31579 0-6-0 BR Black Late Crest.


Bachmann 31-462A C Class

C Class 0-6-0 31227 BR Black Early Emblem


Bachmann 31-461A C Class

C Class 0-6-0 1294 Southern Black.


Bachmann 31-460A C Class

SE&CR C Class 583 SE&CR Lined Green (Original).


Bachmann 31-435 Class 1F

Midland Class 1F 41726 BR Black Early Emblem Vacuum Fitted Enclosed Cab.


Bachmann 31-434 Class 1F

Midland Class 1F 41803 BRITISH RAILWAYS Black.


Bachmann 31-431 Class 1F

Class 1F 0-6-0T BR Early Emblem.

Open Cab, excellent cab detail.


Bachmann 31-214 Patriot Class

45538 'Giggleswick' BR Lined Green Early Emblem.


Bachmann 31-213DS Patriot Class

Patriot Class 45504 'Royal Signals' BR Green Late Crest.


Bachmann 31-189 Jubilee Class

BR Lined Green weathered.


Bachmann 31-188 Jubilee Class

Jubilee 45565 'Victoria' BR Lined Green Late Crest Weathered.


Bachmann 31-169 L&Y 2-4-2 Tank

No.50705 BR Lined Black Early Emblem.


Bachmann 31-138 Class D11/2

No. 62682 'Haystoun of Bucklaw' BR Lined Black Early Emblem.


Bachmann 31-137 Class D11/2

No. 6385 '‘Luckie Mucklebackit'’ LNER Lined Black.


Bachmann 31-128 3000 Class (ROD)

2-8-0 3036 BR Black Early Emblem - Weathered.

S.R.P. £142.95


Bachmann 31-127 3000 Class (ROD)

2-8-0 3023 BR Black Early Emblem.

S.R.P. £129.95


Bachmann 31-089 3200 Class

3200 (Earl) Class 3214 GWR Green Shirt-Button Monogram.


Bachmann 31-088 3200 Class

3200 (Earl) Class 9028 BR Black Early Emblem.


Bachmann 31-063 Class E1

NER E1 Tank 2173 NER Lined Green.


Bachmann 31-062 Class J72

LNER J72 Tank 68696 BR Black (Late Crest).


Bachmann 31-061 Class J72

LNER J72 Tank 68733 BR Black (Early Emblem).


Bachmann 31-060 Class J72

LNER J72 Tank 2313 LNER Lined Black.


Bachmann 30-575 Railway Children Train Pack

From the original 1970s film

Special Collectors Edition train pack.

Pack contents :-

DCC Ready, GWR 57xx Pannier Tank in GN&SR lined livery (as featured in the film).

Two GN&SR liveried coaches’

Scenecraft Oakworth Station building (specially commissioned).

This collectable gift pack will delight fans young and old, of the popular children’s film.

Based on the novel of the same name by E. Nesbit, the film follows the adventures of the Waterbury children on the fictional 'Great Northern and Southern Railway' in Yorkshire. The director Lionel Jeffries used the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and its station Oakworth as a backdrop for the film.


Bachmann 30-325 Ambulance Train No.40 Train Pack

GWR Class 3700 No.3711 "City of Birmingham" in WWI khaki livery, 3 x coaches in olive green & 6 x WWI figures.


Bachmann 25-2014 Silver Anniversary Pack.

2014 was a very special year for Bachmann Europe Plc, celebrating 25 years of producing high quality model railway products.

This pack has been produced to commemorate the 25th anniversary and contains a Jubilee class No.45552 'Silver Jubilee' in BR Lined Green livery with Early Emblem and the Class 47 model No.47164 in BR Blue livery with Yellow Ends and a Union flag on the side, painted as such for the Silver Jubilee in 1977.

Each pair is contained within a special wooden box, finished with a silver foiled 25th anniversary logo and a numbered certificate.

A must-have for the collector and modeller alike.